Target Therapeutics is committed to keeping your personal and health information safe and confidential. Our policies and procedures comply with legal and regulatory requirements.


What type of information do we collect ?

We collect both personal and health history information from you. Your name, date of birth, address and phone numbers are examples of your personal information. Records of your visits, your health history and the health care we provide during your visits, are examples of your health history information.

We do not store credit/debit card information or numbers used to pay for our services.


How is your information used?

We use all of this information to provide you with highest quality health care and follow up care possible.


Do we share your information with anyone?

Target Therapeutics may share your personal and health information with health care providers such as family doctors, hospitals, or specialists who presently are, or may become a part of your health care team.

In order for your information to be used for any other purpose, your written permission with your signature will be required.


For a more detailed privacy policy or if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, feel free to contact us.