• Payment is made after each visit and we will issue a statement if requested.
  • We accept


Extended Health Insurance


You may be reimbursed for  treatments you receive with us, if you have Extended Health Insurance coverage through your place of employment, your partner/family or through your University or College.
Target Therapeutics is an approved provider for people who have Extended Health Insurance in Ontario. Not sure if you’re covered? Give us a call and we will direct you to the appropriate resources to find out.

  • Your extended health insurance may cover all or a portion of your treatment fees. Check with your policy to see the details of your coverage.
  • Your plan may require a Medical Doctor’s referral in order for you to be reimbursed for Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Custom Orthotics or Bracing. Check with your policy to see if a referral is required.
  • A Medical Doctor's referral is NOT required to be reimbursed for Chiropractic treatment.
  • You can pursue extended health insurance reimbursement by

                1. Mailing your statement to your insurance company                            

 2.  Submitting your claim to your insurance company online

                3.  Taking your claim to the HR department at your work

  • If you don’t have extended health insurance, keep your invoice from each visit or we can issue one invoice to you at the end of the year. 
  • Your invoice(s) can be used as a tax deduction towards health care expenses.

Non Insured 


Many patients do pay out of pocket for their treatments.  Rest assured, we respect your health care dollars.
All of our appointments are one-on-one with your therapist and we do not provide your treatment through support personnel or assistants.
We provide only the therapy you need, and we will empower you to continue your care at home with a self managed home care program which we will show you how to do.
Our goal is to get you better as soon as possible because we know that a satisfied patient will refer friends and family.
This philosophy has been, and continues to be at the core of our values and how we continue to grow and thrive.

Motor Vehicle Insurance 

  • Treatments as a result of injuries sustained from a Motor Vehicle Accident are paid by a combination of your 
    • Extended health insurance (if applicable)
    • Insurance from your car insurance company. 
  • We make the process as simple and seamless as possible. Contact us for further details. 



Target Therapeutics  is NOT an OHIP registered clinic.

Before 2004, OHIP offered some physiotherapy coverage to all Ontarians. Since that time, OHIP coverage has been restricted to persons 65 and over, 19 and younger, those receiving benefits under the Ontario Disability Support Program or Family Works, residents of long-term care homes, or persons who require physiotherapy to treat a condition for which they have stayed in hospital overnight.

If you do qualify, you must seek out one of the few OHIP registered clinics in Ontario. Since current OHIP reimbursement levels for physiotherapy service is very low (in 2013 it was $12.20 per visit), the type of rehabilitation services offered by these clinics is accordingly restricted. Target Therapeutics  is NOT an OHIP registered clinic.


  • We do not treat WSIB claims