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Why should I choose a Holistic approach to Acupuncture Vs a Local Treatment

Holistic Health (or Holistic Medicine) is a diverse field of alternative medicine[1] in which the "whole person" is focused on, not just the malady itself.[2] – Wikipedia.

When you have a pain or a certain condition, did it just appear out of nowhere or was there a background condition that contributed to the development of this new condition?

When a person falls and gets injured, why do certain areas show more symptoms then others? Why do some people take a long time to heal from an injury and why do other people heal quickly and carry on with their lives?

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Acupuncture, Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics

Sports medicine is a broad and complex branch of health care that involves several disciplines.  Essentially, sports medicine applies western medical and scientific knowledge to prevent, recognize, assess, manage and rehabilitate injuries related to sport, exercise or recreational activity. Sports medicine is targeted not only to the professional athlete but the person with an athletic or active lifestyle to enhance health, fitness and performance.

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What Does Acupuncture With Needles Feel Like?

A common assumption about acupuncture with needles is that it hurts. You are, after all, getting stuck with needles. Fear of pain from acupuncture needles is one of the most common reasons people forgo acupuncture. Often to the astonishment of those who take the plunge, acupuncture usually does not hurt. No pain, though, does not mean no sensation...

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Acupuncture and Migraines

Acupuncture is a modality that is becoming increasingly more popular in the field of manual medicine. I often find numerous patients asking me about the effectiveness of acupuncture. What does it do? What does it help? Would it work for me?

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